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Many cash advance forms are merely designed to be printed. A few are designed to be used on a computer. This one is designed for both!

The Williams Cash Advance can be printed from your laser printer but also can be used directly in Excel. This can be a handy way for departments to give you cleanly typed information, potentially even allowing them to email forms in if they are far away from the accounting office.

All of the header information (show name, production office address, etc) is easily changeable so you can always have correct information on your cash advance forms. It also features a nice big box in which to write the requested amount. Makes it easier to see how much is being requested at a glance. Standard accounting procedures are included in the middle section but can be changed by simply unprotecting the worksheet and altering them as needed.

The clean layout is part of the Williams Accounting Forms family, meaning that the layout of this document resembles that used in the Williams Purchase Order and Williams Check Request forms. Similar layouts make all of the forms easier to use on your show as crew members will be used to a common look-and-feel. This makes it more likely that they will fill out the forms completely and have fewer questions. Large signature areas at the bottom of the document are easy to find and match the signature areas in other Williams documents.

Williams Cash Advance Minimum System Requirements

Williams Cash Advance has the following minimum system requirements:

  • Microsoft Excel 2007 or later for either Mac or Windows (.xlsx format)

Give it a try today! We promise that you will love it!

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